Monday, April 8, 2013

Oil Works of art -- Consider Mixed Media

oil painting have been around for years and years. The paint began as a simple combination of pigment and oil. The method has changed little throughout the centuries. Collectors of oil canvases are usually on the lookout for more and more artworks that invigorate them and a piece that incorporates oil and other media is a great choice.

The need to create and invent has been part of the human spirit since the beginning of time. Works of art have been created, since cavemen smeared blood on stone walls. Artists throughout the centuries have always applied colorant to their living spaces to decorate their surroundings. They often times added other materials to their artwork to create textures and shapes they could not produce just with pigment.

Today, artists have an almost unlimited choice of materials to add to their mixed media projects. They include different types of techniques that induce unusual finishes and colors to the paint colors. As well as, advances in adhesives, glues and transfer mediums. Oil canvases are now able to incorporate components of metal, plastic, wood, fabrics and paper elements. This gives a completely new and interesting look to all oil paintings with the mixed media elements.

With the creation of the internet Sea and Shore Oil Painting creation of new products and original techniques, artists have fewer limits than ever before. People can view art with techniques that they have never gotten to before. Artists face new ways of performing and presenting their art with techniques that has never been done. This freedom in addition has opened up a whole world of new clients and new critics. It's hard to know what is a great work of art anymore, as there is less agreement among acquirers.

An important aspect to art techniques and art product development is the concern for the environment. Many people are concerned with the level of waste that is now being created daily and how it is impacting the earth we live on. Any opportunity to recycle and recycle is seen as a neat thing. Artists and painters can incorporate what otherwise would be garbage into their art for a mixed media creation.

Many of the old pga masters and famous artist from centuries gone by used mixed media in their art canvases. Pablo Picasso and George Braque are together credited for having started the Cubist Movement that shot to popularity during the beginning of the the twentieth century. These were both, quite independently, refining aspects and deconstruction in their art.

Da Vinci People Oil Painting was not just a electrician but, used other media in his are well. He most often used tempera, which is a mixture of egg cell, water and pigment and was used on wet plaster, during his day. Oil paint was made in the early 1500's and eventually focused the medium, as artists discovered its' durability.

This became the source of paint artists used up until the year 1500. After that point oils were implemented. Artists found that mixing the pigment with oil created a thicker paint that took longer to dry but, allowed for greater durability and texture. Da Vinci used both of these paints in his works and often within the same piece.

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