Monday, March 11, 2013

Brief Introduction Of China Oil Painting

When taking about China Canvas Paintings, Qi Baishi, Xu Feihong and Zhang Daqian come into my mind instantly. They are the most famous Oil Painters in China. Virtually every Chinese has heard about them. Among their Oil Paintings, Qi Baishi is most famous for his shrimp; Xu Feihong for horse; Zhang Daqian for mural paintings.

Different Oil Painters have different styles. The Oil Painting art in China is a little behind western countries. It was introduced by Europeans in the early Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). So, the use of oil as a medium is reasonably new in China. There is a continuous tradition for over two thousand years that the conventional and time-honored medium has always been printer or watercolor in writing or man made fibre.

The Oil Painting famous oil paintings was well perceived as a Western innovation by the Qing emperors such as Kangxi, his son Yongzheng, and his grand son Qianlong (The Dynasty). Thanks to their earlier contribution to the development of China Oil Painting, there appear famous Oil Painters like Qi Baishi, Xu Feihong and Zhang Daqian. For the effort of thousands of Oil Painters, we now can enjoy the beauty of Oil Paintings online easily.

China Oil Works of art are well elaborated works with different themes. China is even known for its three famous Oil Painting Towns: Dafen in Shenzhen, Shipu in Xiamen, and Putian in Fujian. Due to the love and the great effort put into the development of Oil Paintings, we are now achieving the highly evaluations from the world.

China Oil Works of art Floral Oil Painting Boutique contain the beauty of the lovely areas, lively animals, and other kinds of beauties. It is not good enough for me to describe the wonder of China Oil Paintings. There is no perfect words to describe the fine artChina Oil Painting. They are also ideal to decorate anyplace. There are plenty websites selling China Oil Paintings, such as It features mostly of the Dafen Oil Paintings from famous artists. There you can have a closer contact with China Oil Paintings.

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