Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jolie, Pitt circulated as to avoid harassment, throwing 1 million to purchase high dungeon house

Pitt and Jolie split rumors never stopped, the recent news that Jolie Pitt in order to avoid harassment at a cost of 700,000 pounds (about 7.71 million yuan) in the U.S. bought a villa there are dungeons.

Hong Kong, "Wen Wei Po" message, both Jolie Pitt broke up the incident did not come out and explain the details and instead they came out to friends around his own interpretation, there is that in fact the two had agreed to cool for half a year, so that both sides have a buffer period, only then is there a chance again later. Another friend said two human unchanged.

Recently, another news that Pitt spent £ 700,000 buying a villa there are dungeons. The source said that Pitt had fancy villa for a long time, but now only buy it was because he wanted to have a place of his own. "He needs a girlfriend Angelina Jolie is not the quiet place, where a person can let him think next plan is to how to do."
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